Summer Podcast 1: Game of Thrones, Veep, Silicon Valley, Dead of Summer and Emmy Talk

game of thrones finale.jpgWe’re back!
The return of the Untempered Television podcast in all its glory. We’re excited to set aside some time to talk some TV this summer. We’ll see where it goes beyond that. If you like what you hear, please rate and review the show on iTunes, please pass the link along and spread the word. Here’s this week’s rundown:
3:00-10:30 Silicon Valley
10:30-19:15 Veep
19:15-61:15 Game of Thrones
61:15-70:15 Dead of Summer
70:15-85:00 Dream Emmy Ballots

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2016 Dream Emmy Ballot

This year’s Emmy nominations are set to be announced on July 14th and it will surely be a day of snubs, oversights and standard internet outrage, but until then….why not live in a dreamland? So if I had ultimately power over the nominees, these are the folks I would choose to recognize. Although, admittedly, even in a dreamland some really difficult decisions must be made.

I haven’t watched every single thing that’s aired this year but I’m fairly confident I’ve watched most everything I feel would have an impact on my decisions here, save for Horace and Pete which I desperately need to make time for soon. I also made my choices based on what categories the shows/actor submitted themselves in and didn’t consider them if they did not submit.

I contemplated weighing in on the limited/mini-series categories because I certainly have things to say about some of the possible nominees, but I felt that, even though I’m pretty confident that The People Vs. O.J. Simpson deserves to win everything (with some nomination love spread to Fargo and American Crime), there are still far too many eligible things in that category that I haven’t seen for me to give a truly informed opinion. So I’ll just stick with the big ones as usual. Whether you agree or disagree with my picks, I want to hear from you so make sure to comment and share!

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Early Thoughts on Pitch, The Exorcist and Dead of Summer

While at the ATX Television Festival last week, I got the chance to screen a few upcoming pilots, one of which premieres very soon and two more that will make their debut this fall. I don’t know how fair it is to write a full-on review based solely on the pilots, but I still thought it was worthwhile to share my first impressions. As someone who loves the festival, I appreciate networks and creators putting their work out there early for TV diehards to check out, so while not everything I have to say is positive, I felt I should at least express gratefulness for that. Have I mentioned how much I love ATX? Okay, without further adieu, some thoughts on these upcoming pilots:
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Why ATX Television Festival Means So Much To Me

Two years ago, the job that I thought was my dream job completely fell apart and I was hurled into freak-out mode, facing a barrage of daunting questions about my future. It was a reality I wasn’t quite ready to face, but there it was, every day, haunting me.

I know that sounds dramatic but I can tell you that the way in which this particular misfortune came about was painful, shocking, faith-shaking stuff.

In the midst of this, I was aware that ATX Television Festival was about to head into its third year with Roswell and Everwood reunions among the festivities. Stuck in Virginia, there was definitely a part of me that would see every announcement about that year’s festival pop up online and wish I had the power to teleport there, away from questions that I didn’t have answers to and problems I didn’t have the will to face some days.

That’s when I heard from Tina.

Tina is a long-time friend who has the reputation among my group of friend as being the only person as obsessed with TV as I am. She actually started as a friend of a friend and didn’t even live in the same state as I did growing up (Florida, if you care), but every year, she’d come down for a couple weeks around New Year’s and we’d all hang out and our friend, Jerry, would torture us by throwing out names for Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon because he knew that our compulsion to answer was too great to resist and it amused him to no end.

Tina texted me around the time of this life meltdown telling me she had an extra badge for the festival, already had a place to stay and if I could find a way down there, it’s mine to enjoy. She even ended up letting me use some of her points to take care of some of the flight costs. I know that thinking back to that time when my life felt like it was unraveling, I’ll forever be grateful for her generosity and for the fact that when I went to my wife and said, “Hey….I know our life’s blowing up right now but do you mind if I run off to Austin to hang out with Tina and attend a TV festival?” she enthusiastically encouraged me to take our friend up on her offer.

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