2017 Dream Emmy Ballot

First of all, I know what you’re thinking. Hey–remember when you updated this site 3-4 times a day? And then you said you were gonna slow down but still post once a week but you really only write something once every 4-5 months now….what’s up with that? I know, I get it. I’ve neglected this site but that’s because I’m putting more time into my own writing. If you’re really that interested in what I’ve been up to–and it sounds like you are–you can find out more at markgraywriting.com or pick up my latest book, The Day I Disappeared HERE.

As I’ve done for years now, in anticipation of next week’s Emmy nominations, I’ve put together my dream Emmy ballot. Not all of these people and shows will be nominated…but they should be. And to be extra helpful, I’ve even mentioned who should win. I typically only do drama and comedy because even though limited series has gotten a lot more interesting in recent years, there’s so much of it I don’t watch, I don’t feel confident in those opinions. Whereas with drama and comedy….I’ve watched most of it, for better or worse (aka that means if a show’s not here…it’s not an accident). So here we go.

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