TV For President: Bold Storytelling and TV Camp

The Bold Type is back for season 2 and we’re back with a new episode to talk about it! We also share some of our favorite memories from the ATX Television Festival.


Untempered Takes on Last Month’s TV-April 2018 Edition

In March, I debuted this new column where I go through the TV of the past month and share a few thoughts on what I felt was the best/worst that I watched. I ended up getting sick right around the time I was going to write and post last month’s edition and by the time I was better, we were a little far into the month to still go through with it. But in case you were a curious, an abbreviated version appears below this month’s picks.

But for now, welcome to May, here’s what I thought about April TV….

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TV For President Episode 4: Everything Sucks!, 90’s Nostalgia/Reboots and The Simpsons Apu Controversy

We share some spoiler-free thoughts on Everything Sucks!, talk about some recent reboots and what does and doesn’t work when rebooting a show and whether or not there are any shows we’d like to see come back. We end with a discussion on The Simpsons and how they’ve responded to the controversy surrounding Apu.


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TV For President Episode 2: Good Girls, Female Directors, #WomensHistoryMonth

Week Two of my brand new podcast with Shreya Durvasula of Depths of Television and this time we’re talking NBC’s Good Girls and marking the end of Women’s History Month by discussing some of the advancements made by female directors and some of the best work being done behind the camera.

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